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Design Agency Designveli is specialized in retail design and the development and implementation of store concepts for store chains, vendors, fixture suppliers and other professionals. Designveli’s customers include Yamaha, Musti & Mirri, Kesko and Onninen. We operate in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, and if necessary, other parts of Finland.

Design Agency Designveli’s operations are always customer-oriented and reliable. High-quality results and smooth collaboration go hand in hand..

The importance of a store concept

The creation of a store concept is an important part of designing your shop, which gets started once your space has been located. At this stage, Design Agency Designveli will assist you. We will make an accurate survey and plan of what to do, why and for whom. Together with the customer we will consider what will make this shop stand out from the competition and how to make it stand out, i.e. what is the unique concept of this shop..

We will also focus heavily on the shop space. We will carefully consider what sorts of opportunities the space offers and how they need to be modified to accomplish the desired commercial shopping environment. Design Agency Designveli is driven by entrepreneurial spirit, a designer’s education and professional skill gathered both as an InHouse designer and Senior Designer combined with the diverse experience taken from various tasks in the field of commerce. These ensure the implementation of a functional shopping environment based on a solid concept. We have plenty of holistic vision and professional know-how and an impeccable eye for colour. Materials and colours will be designed and documented carefully. The store concept will be bolstered with appropriate and attractive retail interior design.

Customer orientation

When building a store concept, one must always carefully consider how the products are put on display for the customer in a clear and inspiring way. It is important to figure out how the premises can be renovated from floor to ceiling in accordance with the concept. The goal, of course, is to always make sure that the customer’s visit to the shop is pleasant and clear, while also minding logistical solutions that are efficient for the shop and its staff. A returning customer is always Design Agency Designveli’s primary goal in all its concept development work.

A successful store concept makes for a memorable customer experiences at the shop. Many different solutions can be utilized for steering what customers focus their attention on and how they behave. Everything starts small, but little by little, important details will create an attractive and pleasant shopping environment.

Service everywhere in Finland

When you want a reliable partner for retail design and building a store concept, contact us. Design Agency Designveli offers you service in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland..