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Ammattitaitoista myymäläsuunnittelua Helsingin, Vantaan ja Espoon alueilla

Räätälöityä myymäläsuunnittelua tarpeisiisi!

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Ammattitaitoista myymäläsuunnittelua Helsingin, Vantaan ja Espoon alueilla

Räätälöityä myymäläsuunnittelua tarpeisiisi!

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Design Agency Designveli offers holistic and professional retail design services and concept development for store chains, vendors, fixture suppliers and other commerce professionals with solid experience in the field. Our company serves customers in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo, elsewhere in Finland, and if necessary, internationally.

The first steps in retail design

Why do we need retail design?

Store chains tend to have an exact concept, and a shop concept derived from it, based on company strategy, but they lack implementation. An individual vendor might also have a vision of the direction they want to take their shop concept in, but only limited resources for the implementation of that vision. Design Agency Designveli helps its customers make their shops functional and attractive to end customers. Designveli creates a high-quality 3D model of the shop, checks out the shop premises and implements the first design steps. The company will then focus on the overall look of the shop – the materials and graphics. Careful attention is paid to material selections, and different materials will be tendered.

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Design Agency Designveli does skilful retail design with solid expertise in the field!

Asiakaspalvelu ikoni

When creating a retail design, our company carefully listens to the needs and wishes of its customers.

Avaimet käteen periaate

Work can be done with the idea of providing a turnkey solution.

kokonaisvaltaiset palvelut

Our company’s services are always holistic – work is carried out carefully and reliably from start to finish, with keen attention to detail.

muotoilijan koulutus

The entrepreneur’s designer education guarantees polished, high-quality results.

Retail design contents

Retail design means planning the design of a retail shop to serve its purpose as effectively as possible in terms of access routes, fixtures, presentation of goods, signs, customer service and the shop’s internal and external logistics.

The goal of a successful retail design is to make a visit to the shop as pleasant as possible for the customer and to create incentive to buy. In this sense, good retail design increases the profits of the company running the shop.

Retail design is also an important part of a shop’s visual marketing and concept building. Its purpose is to display the products in a way that makes them as desirable as possible, with attractive lighting or appealing and colourful presentation, for example.

Visual marketing also includes the appearance and architecture of the building, layout, i.e. the shop’s blueprint solutions and access routes, as well as display solutions, such as the shop’s fixtures, other interior design elements, as well as decorations and signs.

Retail design also takes into consideration the consumer’s visual sensory experience (experience of the space, lighting, colours etc.) as well as other sensations, such as smells, the temperature and background music.

The elements of a retail environment are divided into three groups:

  1. shop structure,
  2. shop product selection and its presentation,
  3. shop services.

Retail interior design

An essential part of retail design is retail interior design. It is used for drawing passers-by into the shop to make purchases. Retail interior design also shapes the shop’s image and visual look.

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Project management

Creating a store concept is crucial for successful business. Design Agency Designveli will assist you in the development of a store concept using its own expertise and unique know-how.

Retail design and its various working stages require skilful project management. Designveli is a solid professional in this regard. Our company will be your reliable partner throughout the project.

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Photo gallery

The photo gallery presents some of our company’s work from over the years.

Our company does retail design and concept development with solid expertise in Helsinki and the rest of the metropolitan area, and if necessary, anywhere in Finland.

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